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January 9, 2015 Leave a comment


I have spent much of my thinking about being mindfully thankful. I’m certain that thankfulness passed through my mind at various times of the year and just doesn’t get acknowledged or passed over so quickly I am not even aware that it has occurred. I vow to find at least one thing a day and be honestly thankful for the wonder of my life. It need not be noticeable or an earth shattering event to elicit this reaction.

With the chaos of the daily world assaulting us on an hourly basis, it is easy to forget how grateful we could be for our own little corner of life. I have withdrawn from the news in trying to do this. Unfortunately I am hopelessly addicted to the news and needed to find another way to deal with these atrocities. I think I have found it.

I discovered 60 Things to be Grateful for in Life while googling “thankfulness” out in “web-world.” I will use it daily and add small, seemingly insignificant things I usually overlook as I go through my day. I hope you do, too.

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May 17, 2013 Leave a comment

poop bagI know that most of you know about the past year’s worth of surgery, testing, relapse and on and on and on.  I at peace with the process now and I just want to share what a very good friend I made from down in the South (you know who you are, Allie) who helped tremendously with the process of getting to this point and with a woman up here in the Northland (and,  yes,  Ellen it’s you!) who has also been a constant source of realism and humor!

Well, if you don’t have enough information by now, did you know WE HAVE A DAY? Unfortunately, it seems random depending on where you are, so I have decided EVERYDAY IS OSTOMY DAY! And there are even LOVE NOTES, T-SHIRTS (Of course there are T-SHIRTS!), NURSES, PAPER DOLLS, COMING OUT STICKERS and too much detail. Besides, I think I have already overwhelmed you!


So, from here on out, thanks to Ellen, I will be known as:




July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

There are only a limited number of things one can do when one’s foot is broken. With me being the “one” it precludes doing anything outside requiring more than a trip to the mailbox. So, for some reason, I thought going grocery shopping was a good idea. Called my friend Terri, bribed her with a promise of lunch and we were on our way.

I had never been to Valentini’s before and so that was where we headed. On London Road with a nice view of the lake and air conditioned for the one day it hits 80º in our naturally air conditioned city. I had been craving Peppers and Sausage for a while and had, in fact, pulled up a recipe for it online. And there it was, lunch menu, half order, take me away! It was absolutely wonderful. I tried not to sound like Sally in When Harry Met Sally as I fed myself bite after bite of pure heaven. Simply made with sweet Italian sausage, red, green, and yellow peppers, olive oil, garlic, pesto and fresh basil it was the best Italian food I have had since I last ate in the North End of  Boston.

I managed to save some for dinner tonight since Terri had tipped me off to the deserts. A beautiful lemon cake topped the meal off perfectly. I had planned on saving some of that, also. While waiting for the check, however, I ended up finishing it off. As I raved to the server how good it all was, she recognized me for what I am, a complete food junkie, and pointed out that Cold Stone Creamery had Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream available now.

That was the end of grocery shopping. Recognizing that I was too stuffed to go anywhere that had aisles and that there was sufficient food in the house to make it through until Monday, we hit Cold Stone and headed home. After all I had to clean the refrigerator and figure out food to make it to Monday and plop down and moan about how I ate too much.  Really, I can’t recommend this place enough!

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