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Do You Think 3 Months is Enough?

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Dragging along into the new year and apparently I have been remiss in any number of things, need I say including the blog. there are three wonderful blogs that I check everyday and I must say they intimidate the hell out of me. Such interesting uninteresting things happen to them and they present them in the most entertaining way. I know it’s not a competition but I can’t get past comparing in my head. Okay, enough mulling and whining. Let’s see if I can’t pick this up…what has been happening?

  • New doctor
  • New Diagnosis
  • New Medications
  • Winter
  • A general feeling of total disconnectedness

Now this is not going to be a giant piss and moan diatribe, but a reintroduction into what the hell is happening now that I feel better. Okay, sometimes a diatribe, just so you’ll know there wasn’t a lobotomy included in the treatment.

More pictures, more whatever…beĀ  patient! This started a month ago and we will now keep on truckin…

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