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December 25, 2016 Leave a comment

maria-wernWe have been binge watching any number of Swedish and Danish mysteries. It is unlike watching Japanese or Chinese shows. The linguistic tonality of these languages don’t resemble the intonations or cadence of English in the slightest bit. Watching French, German or Spanish films allow me some degree of word recognition and give me a sense of comfort in the language. Swedish and Danish, however, are a whole different story. The cadence and tonality of these languages are close enough to English, yet, are totally incomprehensible to me on any level. I would definitely recognize “smörgåsbord” in Swedish or “goddag” (Good Day) in Danish don’t turn up often enough for me to feel any sense of identification for the dialogue being spoken. For some reason, this unsettles me greatly. I suppose I shall search the world-wide-web and start learning these totally foreign languages, at least enough so that I can watch these amazing shows without trying to find a word I recognize and failing completely.

I do live in Northern Minnesota, after all!