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December 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Broken-Promise-300x244In my last post I know I promised that health issues would be verboten in the future. I lied. While that was my goal, things took another turn in the Days Of Sarah’s Health.

I was having difficulty regulating my blood pressure, experiencing vertigo, and having a rapid pulse among a variety of other symptoms. After innumerable visits to the doctor it was decided I had POT Syndrome. Let there be no remarks from the peanut gallery regarding the name, please. I have already drawn all of the conclusions there are to draw without any help whatsoever.

Settling on that diagnosis, the doctors then decided that perhaps a CT scan of the brain would eliminate that one in a million chance there was a brain tumor. Well, no brain tumor, however…as was explained to me, an incidental diagnosis determined I had an aneurysm. One of those pesky precursors to a stroke that those of my age start to have nightmares about. It is a subdural cranial aneurysm that is 7mm in size. That’s not a great size. Why? Well, 7mm is on the cusp of doing something about it or letting it go and monitoring it. More CT scans, MRIs and doctor visits led to an appointment at Abbot Northwestern for a Cerebral Angiography.

I have been fairly paralyzed by this for about a week. Then slowly I have come to grips with it and have an abiding belief that everything will be FINE! That “FINE!” is to pronounced with the longest “F” sound possible.

So, my appointment is on the 11th. The goal was to get all of this in before the end of the year since I have hit my max out of pocket expenses for the year and after the first I will be on Medicare. So, that should explain my absence except for the occasional inappropriate comment or political rant.

Do You Think 3 Months is Enough?

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Dragging along into the new year and apparently I have been remiss in any number of things, need I say including the blog. there are three wonderful blogs that I check everyday and I must say they intimidate the hell out of me. Such interesting uninteresting things happen to them and they present them in the most entertaining way. I know it’s not a competition but I can’t get past comparing in my head. Okay, enough mulling and whining. Let’s see if I can’t pick this up…what has been happening?

  • New doctor
  • New Diagnosis
  • New Medications
  • Winter
  • A general feeling of total disconnectedness

Now this is not going to be a giant piss and moan diatribe, but a reintroduction into what the hell is happening now that I feel better. Okay, sometimes a diatribe, just so you’ll know there wasn’t a lobotomy included in the treatment.

More pictures, more whatever…be  patient! This started a month ago and we will now keep on truckin…

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