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This is my commitment: I will send this letter to anyone in the public eye who chooses to use any derogatory phrase when referring to any minority. I have been aware of the pain that this type of rhetoric causes from the time I first saw fire hoses used upon civil rights workers in the 50s. Will you please join me in this pledge and recognize that the time and the cost spent for this is action is minimal when you look at how every small action against hate of any kind is a victory! I will edit this as necessary to address the specifics of this type of hateful behavior.

This particular letter is being sent to : Gordon Beckham and DSean Jackson.

Dear ——

I am taking this time to write to you about your recent homophobic remarks. Unfortunately, this is occurring far too often with the athletes that the youth of the United States admire. I am certain that if you look around your family, your friends, and your teammates you will find a gay or Lesbian person there. As certain as I am that there is at least one such person there, I am also certain that you would never want hateful slurs to be directed to them.

In view of these facts, I am hoping that in the future you will only make positive statements when referring to this segment of our society. I don’t think that name calling or bullying was ever anything your mother wanted you to do with your fame. As a mother and a grandmother I am hoping that you would take the time to apologize for these remarks and apologize to your mother and your fans for having used them.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter. I wish you a long and healthy career and hope that you never suffer from the unkind words of others.



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Who would ever have expected that a simple change in the pronunciation of a word could bring about such confusion. After moving to Minnesota over 35+ years ago, my first trip through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan would surprise the hell out of me. There were signs saying “PASTIES IN FIVE MILES,” ‘GET YOUR PASTIES IN THREE MILES,’ and ‘YOU CAN’T BEAT OUR PASTIES.”

I moved here from Los Angeles, I knew what pasties were since I had, upon occasion, used them myself. Little did I know that the UP was the producer of such dancing accoutrements.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were simply a pocket pie filled with meat and vegetables. I should have known. It turns out that Michigan has more statues of Mary in a Bathtub than any other state in the union.

(By the way, the state motto of Michigan is: “If you want to see a nice peninsula, just look around.” It sounds classier in French.)