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You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough to do This For a Living

I think computers, cars, televisions, etc. should be in my life as only on/off, perform items. Not the kind of thing that has to be hooked up, networked, installed, troubleshot(?). Therefore, my entire day today was spent doing something that other people get paid a lot of money to do and I get a tight gut over.

At least Hubby’s new laptop and fax/printer are hooked up, the other printer moved and networked and I don’t care that the NEWHP does not recognize the laptop, the laptop has no problem find it.

Now, my opinion on VISTA…what a piece of crap. Let’s see, can we come up with a new model of something that doesn’t resemble the old XP at all and only requires the purchase of a $30 instruction manual to figure out the Control Panel. Ridiculous. I think all the good techies are now working on open source software and Microsoft is stuck with the people who rank with developers who build crappy parking ramps.

Think about it.

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