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I Am Too Smart for My Own Good

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Paleo-Future – Paleo-Future Blog – Oil and Gas Will Eventually be Exhausted (1909).

Well, lookie lookie. This blog provider has a doo-hickey (Press This) that allows me to grab posts from the “interweb” and post on this page. I’m telling you, life doesn’t get much better than this.

This is only evidence that we have no sense as a people if they were writing about this in 1909 and have done little or nothing to address this problem.

‘Nuff said.

I Fought the Swine and I Won

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It is now day 14 of the ongoing fight and I finally feel like I have rounded a corner. I have thoughts of getting up and doing things. How many things I could do or to what level remains to be seen. All I know is if anyone else out there had swine flu, I am so-o-o sorry.
I am going to see if I can connect this to my facebook page. Starting a new blog that isn’t on blogger is an intimidating action. My goal is to change what had been my previous bent. Or, vision. Or, whatever. My friend Kirk changed to WordPress a long time ago, in fact, I think it was about the time I quit posting on blogger.

It seems to be a little more “organized” and besides, every blogger blog looks like every other blogger blog. I will definitely try and be more productive. We’ll see.

Anybody want to go dancing?

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