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Is It Spring Yet?

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

It has started. It, of course, meaning winter. With my Native intelligence I predicted that this would be a “snow” winter and to this point in time it seems as if I am right on. The greatest thing about a snowy winter is the early announcement of an upcoming blizzard. Ready set prepare:

  • Food–check
  • Diet Coke–check
  • Food–check again
  • Movies–check
  • Books–check (cover quite well by the acquisition of a nookcolor)
  • Food–recheck
  • Pet food-check
  • Blankets–check

Wait a minute. This is beginning to look like too much work. I guess the most important item is “Will the Mall be closed?” This rates up there because I work retail and going to work in a blizzard sucks on, oh, so many levels! Luckily most people are smart enough to stay inside on these days enjoying the aforementioned list, many diehard shoppers feel it necessary to get their Mall Fix come hell or high snow! After at work, the only thing keeping me alive is the fact that there is a caffeine fix right there in the store and with it I can deal with anything.

Of course, we are now in the throes of “Holiday Madness.” No, not yet, that really comes just a couple of days before the “Holiday.” That is the point where anything not nailed down will be purchased with a gift receipt so that the day after the “Holiday” I can hear crabby people say, “I don’t know why my (son, daughter, husband) got me a (Mario Chess Set, The Joy of Sex, Cooking for Dummies) but, I don’t want it. What? I have to get store credit? I am (illiterate, only interested in Victoria’s Secret, don’t care–just give me the money.)”

The days of spring will be here soon, in about six months, until then I have a great excuse to pack on the pounds, complain about work and read until my eyes are crossed. Life doesn’t get much better than this, does it?

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