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The importance of diet has become critical for me. In other words, when they say, “No roughage” they mean “NO ROUGHAGE.” Okay, I put some celery in my chicken and rice, I pulled all the strings off and knew that that would make it ok. WRONG! Then there were the water chestnuts. Given an opportunity I will put water chestnuts in everything. I even chopped them really, really small. Again, WRONG! And, who the hell knew pimentoes were considered roughage. Certainly not I.

I will not go into any further details except to say that the after effects kept me bedridden for two days, on the verge of tears over my own stupidity, and a repeated mantra of soft food only, soft foot only, soft food only!

Don’t even go there with me!

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  1. Deb hendrickson
    November 21, 2012 at 2:54 AM


    Get better.

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