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What I have been doing…

I am shamelessly stealing this idea from all of the others who have done it before.

Ha Jin re-creates the terror, the harrowing deprivations, and the menace of unexpected violence that defined life in Nanjing during the occupation. I have read Waiting by the same author and found it to be a subtle and moving understatement of life’s expectations. This is not that book, but in its own way shows the same underpinnings of human nature.

Haven’t started this one yet, but it will provide a respite from Waiting. More on this one later. I haven’t read the previous book by this author, but I admit I was drawn in by the title. We’ll see.

The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb.  Melanie Benjamin

Both of these titles are checked out from the library on my nook. At least I don’t have to find a place to stack them. (See previous post.)

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